The above query returns a list of results like so:
A search for moi outputs:
[{"ID":"120","Name":"Betty Chepkemoi Koech (ms.)"},{"ID":"183","Name":"Beatrice Moige Gisemba"},{"ID":"329","Name":"Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital Board"},{"ID":"380","Name":"Cllr. Julia Lochingamoi"},{"ID":"1571","Name":"Richardmoitalel Ole Kenta"},{"ID":"1771","Name":"Nicholas Ole Moipei"},{"ID":"2146","Name":"Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital"},{"ID":"2163","Name":"Moi Teaching And Referal Hospital Board"},{"ID":"3405","Name":"MOI UNIVERSITY"},{"ID":"3442","Name":"MOI TEACHING REFFERAL HOSPITAL"},{"ID":"3443","Name":"OPG MOI TEACHING REFFERAL HOSPITAL"}]
You can retrieve information on a particular entry by passing an id of an entity as a parameter as follows:{YOUR - API - KEY}&id={ID OF ENTITY}
The above query returns a list of results like so:
[{"data":[{"dataset_type":[{"Gazette": [{"dataset":[{"Name":"National Council for Law Reporting","Name2":"Christine Agimba","Gazette_Number":"2013_GAZ8654","EffectiveDate":"10\/02\/13 : 10\/02\/16","Action":"0","Appointer":"Githu Muigai - Attorney General","Name_E_":"40","Name2_E_":"41"},{"Name":"Christine Agimba","Name2":"National Council for Law Reporting","Gazette_Number":"2013_GAZ8654","EffectiveDate":"10\/02\/13 : 10\/02\/16","Action":"appointed","Appointer":"","Name_E_":"41","Name2_E_":"40"}]}]}]}]}]


Our database contains information on people, companies and organisations, as well as their linkages at specified periods of time. While we make every attempt to make this information as accurate as possible, we take no responsibility for its authenticity. The current information is derived from the Kenya Gazette, Handsards and procurement websites. We will be incorporating more information from different sources soon.

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