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Open Duka is a project designed by the Open Institute that will provide a freely accessible database of information on Kenyan entities.

This information will provide citizens, journalists, and civic activists with a practical and easy-to-use tool to understand the ownership structure of the world they live in, demonstrating the practical applications of open information for normal citizens. It will serve as a core dataset for citizens, journalists, and civic activists who want to build 3rd party public transparency and public accountability apps or services, by allowing them to cross reference the Open Duka company shareholder data against other datasets.

The project aims to scrape data from various sources that range from shareholder information, procurement information, legal cases and company information.

The current pilot is being launched in Kenya in partnership with the National Council of Law Reporting and funded by A.T.T.I.

This will be expanded to other sources of corporate data and the site will incorporate visualizations that will be able to show linkages of the data.


Our database contains information on people, companies and organisations, as well as their linkages at specified periods of time. While we make every attempt to make this information as accurate as possible, we take no responsibility for its authenticity. The current information is derived from the Kenya Gazette, Handsards and procurement websites. We will be incorporating more information from different sources soon.

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Open Duka is a work in progress (and a labour of love) for us and we shall continue to add new features and data. Sign up here if you want to keep in touch with the progress we make.